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Gondor Rohan Isengard Mordor


Theoden ($2000)
  • Leadership "King of the Mark" (lvl 1) (+150% Damage, +50% Armor, +200% Experience, +100% Resist Fear)
  • Now for Wrath (lvl 2) (+200% Damage, +100% Armor for a limited time)
  • Glorious Charge (lvl 4) (theoden and nearby cavalry only take 10% damage for short time)
  • King's Favor (lvl 6) (now gives 150 XP instead of 50 XP)
  • Mount (lvl 1)

  • Other info:
    • Theoden has the best experience leadership for rohan
    • Theoden's Glorious Charge is perfect for using against enemy armies with pikemen
Theodred ($2000)
  • Leadership "Second Marshal of the Mark"(lvl 1) (+100% Damage, +200% Armor, +50% Experience)
  • Hold Position (lvl 2) (+50% Damage, +250% Armor, no mounting while active, also affects nearby infantry; only lasts a short time)
  • King's Son (lvl 3) (King Theoden's powers recharge faster when he is with Theodred)
  • Heir to the Throne (lvl 4) (Erkenbrand, Hama, Elfhelm, Grimbold, and Gamling recieve +50% Damage and +50% Armor when near Theodred)
  • Summon Eored (lvl 6) (Summon 3 battalions of troops from the Westfold)
  • Mount (lvl 1)

  • Other info:
    • Theodred has the best armor leadership for rohan
    • Theodred's Hold Position power can give your troops the extra defense needed to survive against an overwhelming enemy force, but beware, when in use you cannot mount and run away.
    • Theodred is primarily an infantry and defense hero, but with his mount and summon eored power he can quickly turn a defense battle into an offensive assult against your enemy.
Eomer ($2000)
  • Leadership "Third Marshal of the Mark"(lvl 1) (+250% Damage)
  • Outlaw Leadership (lvl 2) (nearby units earn resources for each enemy killed)
  • Lord of the Mark (lvl 3) (+200% Damage, +50% Armor for a short time)
  • Throw Spear (lvl 5)
  • Summon Eored (lvl 8) (summons 3 battalions of fully upgraded rohirrim cavalry)
  • Mount (lvl 1)

  • Other info:
    • Eomer has the best damage leadership for rohan, and he is best used as an offensive leader leading your cavalry in the attack.
Eowyn ($1400)
  • Smite (lvl 1)
  • Leadership (lvl 2) (+100% Damage, only affects peasants and Royal Guard)
  • Disguise (lvl 4)
  • Shield Maiden (lvl 5) (+55% Armor , +200% Damage for limited time)
  • Friend of Meriadoc (lvl 6) (grants Merry +50% Damage, +50% Armor when he is near her)
  • Mount (lvl 1)
Erkenbrand ($1400)
  • Blow Horn (lvl 1) (causes enemies to flee)
  • Leadership (lvl 3) (+100% Damage, +100% Armor, +150% Experience)
  • Valor of Helm Hammerhand (lvl 5) (+150% Damage for a short time)
  • Wise Precautions (lvl 6) (grants selected units 50 XP)
  • Mount (lvl 1)

  • Other info:
    • Erkenbrand has the best leadership across the board for rohan, though none of his bonuses are the strongest.
    • Erkenbrand is like Theoden in that neither of them have an advantage on offense or defense; they are good at both.
Hama ($800)
  • Leadership "Captain of the King's Guard" (lvl 1) (+100% Damage, +100% Armor, only affects Royal Guards)
  • Swift Strike (lvl 3) (single powerfull attack)
  • Strong Shield (lvl 5) (+200% armor for a short time)
  • Summon Royal Guards (lvl 6) (summons 4 Royal Guards if they are single units or 2 hordes)
  • Mount (lvl 1)

  • Other info:
    • As captain of the king's guard Hama leads the royal guards, his skill with sword and shield as well as his loyalty to theoden have earned him the respect of the guardsmen.
Elfhelm ($800)
  • Leadership "Marshal of Edoras" (lvl 2) (+75% Damage, +75% Armor, +75% Experience, only affects Cavalry)
  • Reinforcements (lvl 4) (+15% Speed to nearby Cavalry for a short time)
  • Summon Reinforcements (lvl 6) (summons 2 battalions of regular cavalry)
  • Mount (lvl 1)

  • Other info:
    • As marshal of edoras it is elfhelm's duty to lead the muster of the cavalry of edoras when theoden, eomer, and theodred are away or are not leading the army.
Grimbold ($800)
  • Strong Swordsman (lvl 2) (+150% Damage for a short time)
  • Leadership (lvl 4) (+50% Damage)

  • Other info:
    • Grimbold is a captain among the rohirrim, he is one of the lesser lords of the westfold and serves under theodred and erkenbrand. He won honor in the battle of the fords of isen when he came to the rescue of theodred and defeated his uruk attackers. He also commanded an eored in the battle of pelennor fields.
Gamling ($400)
  • Leadership (lvl 3) (+50% Damage, only affects peasants)
  • Repair Buildings

  • Other info:
    • Gamling was an old man during the war of the ring. He was at helms deep where he lead the peasants, old and young, in their fight for survival.
Merry ($100)
  • Throw Rocks/Use Sword (lvl 1)
  • Elven Cloak (lvl 1)
  • Sword of Westernesse (lvl 4) (single extremely strong attack against Nazgul and the WitchKing)
  • Knight of the Riddermark (lvl 6) (merry recieves a heavy armor bonus)
  • Mount (lvl 8) (merry mounts a small pony)
Alatar (Summoned without timer)
  • Wizard Blast (lvl 1)
  • Healer from across the Sea (lvl 3) (heals nearby troops)
  • Leadership "Aura of the Istari" (lvl 5) (+100% damage, +100% armor, and 25% vision)
  • Light from the Sea (lvl 8) (blue istari light)
  • Blue Wizards (lvl 1) (+50% Damage, +50% Armor, +50% Experience if near Pallando)

  • Other info:
    • Once summoned the blue wizards act just like any other hero.
    • The blue wizards are best used together as their powers complement each other.
Pallando (Summoned without timer)
  • Water Blast (lvl 2) (similar to fireball in function)
  • Voice of the Istari (lvl 4) (+50 XP to selected units)
  • Wrath of Orome the Valar (lvl 7) (lightning sword)
  • Protection of the Valar (lvl 10) (nearby units take no damage for a short time)
  • Blue Wizards (lvl 1) (+50% Damage, +50% Armor, +50% Experience if near Alatar)

  • Other info:
    • Once summoned the blue wizards act just like any other hero.
    • The blue wizards are best used together as their powers complement each other.
Haldir (Summoned, possibly without a timer)
  • Toggle Bow & Sword (lvl 1) (40 Melee Damge, and 50 Ranged Damage)
  • Leadership "Captain of Lothlorien" (lvl 1) (+150% Damage, +50% Armor, only affects Elves)
  • Piercing Shot (lvl 4) (single strong arrow attack)
  • Sword Master (lvl 5) (blademaster)
  • Summon Elven Army (lvl 10) (Summons 4 Battalions of Elven Warriors)

  • Other info:
    • will be respawned from either the citadel or the elven barracks
  • Peasants ($100)
  • Yeoman Archers ($200)
  • Men of the Westfold ($300)
    • strong infantry
  • Royal Guards ($800)
    • come in battalions of 5
    • max of 5 battalions
    • toggle bow and sword
    • mount
    • similar to the berserkers, citadel guard, and black uruks
  • Rohirrim Cavalry ($600)
  • Rohirrim Cavalry Archers ($800)
  • Westfold Building
    • built at outpost
  • Heal (1)
  • Draft (1)
  • Westfold (3)
    • allows you to buy westfold heroes, units, and buildings
  • Elven Allies (3)
    • summons Haldir and 3 battalions of elves without timers
  • Elven Wood (2)
  • Cloud Break (6)
  • Ent Allies (6)
  • Blue Wizards (10)
    • summons Alatar and Pallando without timers and with normal respawn rules
  • Rohan leadership is designed so that different heroes meet different needs:
    • Theoden: has good damage, low armor, best experience: offensive
    • Theodred: best armor by far: defensive
    • Eomer: best damage by far: offensive
    • Erkenbrand: best overall leadership: both

    • Eowyn: peasants and royal guards only
    • Hama: royal guards only
    • Elfhelm: decent damage, armor, and experience for cavalry only
    • Gamling: swordsmen and peasants only: foot soldiers





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